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2014 Brochure

2014 brochure cover

The Faculty of Biological Sciences Undergraduate School offers a wide range of degree courses.

Download or order our brochure in print format or as a pdf.

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Open Days

Open Days 2013

Visit the open day pages for further details of our next Undergraduate open day. You can book your place online. The open day pages also include travel information and directions. The day runs from 9am – 5pm, we recommend that visitors spend at least 4 hours on campus to make the most of their visit.

At the open day you will have the opportunity to meet staff and students, find out about our degree programmes, visit our teaching laboratories and discover more about careers for biological scientists.

Biological Sciences- post application visit days

If we do make you an offer to study with us we will invite you to attend a post-application visit day for your chosen degree programme. Please contact us if you have any questions.Visit our teaching labs and meet academic staff

Visitor comments

"Thank you for an excellent day. All the talks were extremely informative. The highlight was the lab drop-ins; it was fantastic to see the facilities and the practical demonstrations. I found the staff and students most approachable and very welcoming."
(Victoria, Open Day visitor)

Read more visitor comments

“I attended your Open Day today and thought it was fantastic, I especially found the Biochemistry talk very interesting and I am looking forward to applying.” (Hannah)

“I attended the Open Day today. Following your introduction talk on Biochemistry, I spoke to you in the laboratory enquiring about Biotechnology. I found your talk both informative and helpful and I also attended further sessions on Biological Sciences and Microbiology afterwards.” (Jennifer)

“I spoke to you on the Open Day. I am very excited at the prospect of studying at Leeds in September this year. I am very grateful for the opportunity that you have offered me.” (Gemma)

“I had the fortune to visit Leeds' Faculty of Biological Sciences Open Day yesterday and let me start by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and that your talks were very informative and really sold Leeds to me, so thank you. I am writing as a follow up firstly to thank you and secondly to say that I have decided Leeds to be my first choice university.” (Alex)

Campus Tours

The University runs a series of Campus Tours throughout the year. Current students show you around the University campus and you can find out more information about finance, courses and accommodation. For further information, please see the University "Visit Us" pages. Please be aware these will be general tours and talks and not specific to any degree programme.

How to find us

We are located near the city centre and the local signposting can be a bit tricky so please allow plenty of time to get here. The Faculty of Biological Sciences is located in the southern part of the University of Leeds campus. Look out for the green and white signposts on campus to help you find your way. On open days there is a biological sciences information point in Chancellors Court near the Roger Stevens Lecture theatres.

  • Check the Campus Map
  • Visit the University of Leeds travel pages
  • If you are using sat-nav the University postcode is LS2 9JT (Parkinson Building, Woodhouse Lane). Unfortunately there is no on-campus parking on University open days.
  • Nearest public car parks: Woodhouse Lane LS1 3HQ and Merrion Centre LS2 8LY
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Applicant Visit days

For applicants holding offers

Lab presentationIf we offer you a place, we will invite you to join us for one of our post-application visit days.  This is an important opportunity to see at first hand what Leeds can offer you. We strongly recommend that you attend, even if you have attended an open day at the University before applying, as this is an opportunity to get in-depth information in a small group to help you make your final choice

At a visit day you can:

  • Meet your lecturers
  • Talk to current students
  • Find out about our degrees and our research
  • Have a look around our teaching laboratories and Faculty facilities
  • Explore the campus
  • Find out about accommodation
  • Get answers to your questions and queries
  • Learn about careers

Lab sessionWe advise that you attend; the feedback we receive from applicants shows the visit days are an extremely valuable experience which helps them decide on the best university choice for them. However, should you be unable to visit this will not affect our offer to you.

If the date we allocate to you is inconvenient, please contact us as we should be able to offer you an alternative date.


How to find us

Group presentationWe are located near the city centre and the local signposting can be a bit tricky so please allow plenty of time to get here. The Faculty of Biological Sciences is located in the southern part of the University of Leeds campus. Look out for the green and white signposts on campus to help you find your way to the correct building. If you have trouble finding us on the day, please call our Admisions Team on 0113 343 3021.

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How to Apply

All applications for full-time undergraduate programmes are made directly through UCAS (the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service). If you are interested in studying for a degree, but don't have the formal qualifications needed for direct entry into a degree programme, you may be interested in our foundation course in science. Students who are applying for part-time degree programmes should make their application to the Centre for Life Long Learning.

View our Changes to tuition fees -FAQs page for more details.

Please download our Admissions Policy for 2014 entry. (PDF format). This includes information on the application process, our admissions intake and the selection process. The policy also includes details on opportunities to visit, scholarships and funding and contact details. There is also information for unsuccessful applicants.

The UCAS Form

The UCAS form is an important document and will be used to decide whether to offer you a place or not. It is essential that you take your time making sure that you complete it correctly and that you list all your qualifications on the form. Your personal statement is your way of telling each university a little bit about yourself, what you want to study, why you want to study it and what you want to achieve by doing so. The admissions tutors look for personal statements that highlight an interest in the subject area that you want to study, as well as any subject-related experience you may already have, forexample attending a sixth form conference or relevant work experience. Download our top tips presentation (PDF format) and help make sure your application demonstrates your potential.

You may also be asked to attend an informal interview as part of the application procedure.

Applications can be made from September until the UCAS closing date in January. However, some of our courses accept late applications and applications through UCAS Extra until June. Any application received after the June deadline will be placed into Clearing. For more information please see our Clearing web pages which are available from late July.

After you have submitted your application

  • UCAS will let you know of our decision through the online 'track' service or by letter.
  • If your application has been successful, we will then write to invite you to a UCAS Visit Day. This is your opportunity to visit Leeds, find out more information on the course and talk to current students and staff who will answer any questions you may have.
  • The next step is for you to accept or reject the offer through UCAS. You have the opportunity to choose a 'Firm' (first) place or 'Insurance' (second) place; more information on this is available on the UCAS website.
  • If you decide to accept our offer then you will be sent a confirmation email or letter from UCAS. You will then need to apply for accommodation on-line. Alternatively you can call on 0113 3437777
  • Once you have satisfied the entry offer, or if you have been given an unconditional offer, the University will send you a letter in August confirming your place and giving details of the University Induction Week. In early September you will be sent a 'Welcome Pack' which will tell you everything that you need to know about arriving, living, registering and studying here at Leeds.

Taking a gap year and deferring entry

We encourage students taking a gap year to gain work experience or travel to apply for a place at Leeds. You can apply for deferred entry during your A2 year or apply during your year out. An unconditional offer may be made if you have already received your results, whereas if you are still awaiting your results we can only make you a conditional offer. Applicants considering deferring entry to 2012 should ensure that they are fully informed regarding government changes to the university loans scheme.

Equal opportunities policy

The Faculty of Biological Sciences and the University of Leeds are committed to the equal treatment of applicants by means of an admissions policy that does not discriminate on grounds of race, ethnic or national origins, colour, gender, age, sexuality, marital status, disability, religion or social/economic background.

Students with disabilities

The University of Leeds is committed to providing access to education for students with disabilities. More information can be found on the Equality Service website.

Access and widening participation

'Access to Leeds' is the University of Leeds’ alternative entry scheme offering special consideration to applicants from educationally, financially or socially disadvantaged backgrounds. Applications are welcomed from students who meet the eligibility criteria and have the potential to study at the University of Leeds . More information, including eligibility criteria is available from the Access and Community Engagement website.

Internal transfers: for current registered Leeds students

We sometimes have opportunities for suitably qualified University of Leeds students to transfer onto level one of our programmes. If you are interested you will need to first check that you meet the level one entry criteria for the relevant course, then download and complete the form and email it to fbsadmissions@leeds.ac.uk. We will keep your details on file and contact you to discuss a transfer in June if we have places available.

Information for Parents

The transition from school to university is an exciting time for students, but also sometimes a worrying time for their parents! If you haven't attended university yourself, you may feel that you know nothing about this part of the education system, and wonder how you can support your child during this phase of their lives; even if you did go to university, things may have changed quite a lot since you graduated!

The Admission Process

  • Choosing a university and a course to study is a big step, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the range of options available. The first step is to attend an open day where you can tour the facilities, find out about courses and meet staff and students.
  • Applications for all undergraduate degree courses are submitted through UCAS. UCAS provides additional information specifically for parents.
  • If your son or daughter has a disability or special learning needs, you will find it useful to look at information and advice provided by the University's Disability Service.
  • If your son or daughter is offered a place on a biological sciences course at Leeds, they will be invited to a visit day, which you are very welcome to attend.
    Once students have accepted a place at Leeds, they should apply for accommodation. Leeds offers a wide range of accommodation, both catered and self-catering.
  • Find out about the financial support that is available.You can find details of fees and scholarships/bursaries available from the University on the Leeds University webpages.
  • It is best to ensure that your son/daughter is in the country on A Level results day; if they do not quite achieve the grades they required, they will need to contact our admissions staff to discuss their options. They may still be offered a place on the course they applied for, depending on their exam performance, and availability of places after the results have been received. Alternatively, they may be offered a place on a different course. If we are unable to offer your son/daughter a place at Leeds, they may still be able to find a suitable course through the UCAS Clearing system.

Living and studying in Leeds

Health and welfare

  • Leeds has its own student medical practice, which all students are encouraged to register with.
  • Emergency dental treatment may be obtained from Leeds Dental Hospital (on campus), but NHS dentists are in very short supply in the Leeds area, so if your son/daughter is already registered with a dentist at home, it would be best to seek routine treatment during vacations.
  • Other support facilities include a confidential counselling service, and Nightline, a telephone helpline provided by the Leeds University Union. Links to a wide range of University support agencies are found at the Student Support Network site.
  • The Student Advice Centre offers help with a range of issues such as money, housing and academic procedures. There is a daily drop-in session, Monday- Friday.
  • The University Chaplaincy is available to all students, and has links with interfaith groups.
  • There is a wide range of support available to students with special needs.

Incidents involving students are relatively uncommon, however, sensible precautions are sometimes forgotten in the excitement of moving to a new environment. The University's Safety booklet provides a reminder about the simple measures that everyone should take to reduce the risk of incidents.

  • The University has its own security service, which provides a 24 hour service on campus.
  • The Union runs a cheap nightbus service, which ensures that students can arrange transport home from the Union at night. A local taxi company, Amber Cars, has an arrangement with the Union, to take home students who have no cash, in exchange for their student card, which can be collected from the Union later, in exchange for the fare.
  • Further resources are available from the Safety Advisory Service and the University Union website.

Improving Study Skills
The Leeds University Skills Centre runs a series of workshops to help students improve specific skills such as time management, essay writing and revision techniques.

Help with student life
Leeds University Union online Student Advice Centre provides valuable advice for students on everything from 'What to bring' and 'Budgeting Advice'.

Part-time employment
An increasing number of students work part-time during their course, during term time and/or during vacations. The University Union operates Joblink which assists students to obtain employment in Leeds.

Careers advice
Graduation and employment may seem a distant prospect when students arrive at university, but all too soon it becomes time to consider future options. Students can obtain help and support from the Careers Centre.

Two students talking

Supporting students at university

Even though students are legally adults, there are sometimes occasions during their university career when things may go wrong, and if they are living away from home, it can be hard for parents to know what to do for the best. Wherever possible, it is preferable for students to be supported in finding solutions to their own problems, so it often helps to remind students of the most appropriate source of guidance. If your son or daughter is upset, or worried about something, it is best that they share it with us. Often worries are unfounded, or can easily be resolved. Sensitive issues are dealt with confidentially. There are various people that a student can contact for help and advice:-

  • The staff in the Faculty of Biological Sciences Undergraduate Office are often the best people to ask for advice, particularly about dealing with the university systems. They can also refer students to the member of academic staff who will be best able to advise the student about their particular problem.
  • Every student is allocated a personal tutor for the full length of their course at Leeds. Personal tutors are experienced in helping students deal with problems, whether academic or personal.
  • Students can also approach any member of staff with whom they feel comfortable. This might be a staff demonstrator from their practical class, a year tutor, or their project supervisor.
  • Sometimes you, as parents, may want to get in touch with us directly, particularly in the event of a serious problem. Please be aware that UK Law (Data Protection Act 1998) forbids us from discussing your son/daughter's application/attendance/progress with parents, or any other individual, unless we have the student's express permission to do so.